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How Microsoft Uses C++ to Deliver Office

Huge Size, Small Components

14:00 - 15:00 Monday 12th September 2022 MDT Aurora A / Online A
Software Design

Office is one of the largest and longest-lived C++ codebases in the world. Over 40 years Office has evolved from a single application written in C for DOS to a product containing over 100M lines of C++ code targeting more than a dozen platforms. What are the implications of growing to this size and what sort of engineering is required? In this talk I’ll give a glimpse behind the curtain on the C++ engineering and architecture in Office. In addition to sharing some details on the scale of Office, I’ll describe the design and coding standards used to create well-factored components that we have termed liblets.

Zachary Henkel


Zachary is a Principal Software Engineer on the Core Architecture Team in Office. He is focused on codebase health and sustainability. He relishes the challenge of evolving the C++ code of a product as large and long-lived as Office. As much as Zachary likes writing new code, he’s happiest when deleting unused or duplicate code.